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Co-Chairs, Daniel Needlestone and Charlie Gluckman

Daniel and Charlie were elected in 2006.  Daniel is a teacher by profession and currently works for World Ort.  He used to work for the Federation of Zionist Youth and is on the board of Liberal Judaism, holding the Israel portfolio. Charlie is the former Mazkir of RSY-Netzer.  A social researcher by profession, Charlie works at the National Audit Office and sits on the RSY-Netzer Advisory Group, and the Committee of FPJ.  Email us here... 

Honorary Treasurer, Sam Michaels

Sam has been treasurer since 2010.  He's a graduate of RSY-Netzer and a member of Alyth, North Western Reform Synagogue.  Sam is a chartered accountant working for Price Waterhouse Coopers.


Vice-Chair of Arzenu, Rabbi Danny Burkeman

Rabbi Danny Burkeman is Pro-Zion's link with the International Federation of Reform and Progressive Zionists, Arzenu.  He was voted as Vice-Chair of Arzenu at the 36th World Zionist Congress in 2010.  Rabbi Danny is a graduate of RSY-Netzer and a Rabbi at West London Synagogue.


Honorary Secretary, Manny Silverman

Manny has been Honorary Secretary since 2006.  As well as serving on the Pro-Zion board he is a member of Alyth's Israel committee.  Manny spent his career in the retail sector of the fashion/clothing industry.


 Estelle Gilston

Estelle has been involved in Pro-Zion for some time and is a past chair, and is a member of the Arzenu executive. She is a past chair of the ZF and is still heavily involved. 



Ralph Stern

Ralph has been involved in Pro-Zion for as long as Estelle, if not longer, and is a former chair.  Ralph is one of Pro-Zion's most committed activists, spending large amounts of his time collating news articles to keep our members up to date on relevant goings on in Israel.

Pam Lewis, Administrator

Pam has been Pro-Zion's administrator for 10 years, and is our only professional member of staff.  She is responsible for maintaining the membership database and other administrative activities.

Kathryn Michael

Kathryn has been involved in Pro-Zion since 2009, but is no stranger to activism in this area, having been involved in EUPJ and FPJ.


Chair of FPJ, Carol Roberts

Carol has been chair of FPJ since 2009, and sits on the Pro-Zion committee in order that we can work together to support Progressive Judaism in Israel.



Other Members on the Executive

Jon Curtis

Daivd Duke-Cohan

Woolf Heymann

Marie Heyman

Ian Sternberg

Richard Woolf


Ex Officio

Rabbi Danny Rich

Rabbi Tony Bayfield