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Israel Activities

How Pro-Zion works with different organisations in Israel

At the core of Pro-Zion is a love of Israel and we work with many organisations to support progressive Judaism and Zionism in Israel.

Arzenu, the International Federation of Reform and Progressive Zionists 

Arzenu is the umbrella organisation for Progressive Zionists worldwide. We are extremely active in the organisation and continue to have representation in the organisation. Arzenu is also our main point of contact with the World Zionist Organisation, The Jewish Agency and increasingly the Israeli government. We send delegates to the World Zionist Congress in Israel as well as to the Vaad Hapoel, the governing body of the World Zionist Organisation.

 The Israel Religious Action Center, the Legal and Political Arm of the Israeli Reform Movement 

The Israel Religious Action Center fights many of the legal and political battles for equal representation for Progressive Jews and other groups in Israel and we keep our members in touch with their work and have hosted speakers from their organisation. 

Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, IMPJ 

The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism is Israel's liberal Jewish religious movement and a constituent member of the World Union for Progressive for Judaism.

World Union for Progressive Judaism 

 We are also fully engaged with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and supportive of their Israel branch the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism. Similarly we are in touch with World Netzer the umbrella organisation for Progressive Zionist Youth.

World Zionist Organisation 

The World Zionist Organisation was founded at the initiative of Theodore Herzl at the first Zionist Congress which took place in August 1897.  It is a democratic body made up of different International Zionist federations and organisations.  We engage in the WZO through Arzenu one of the federations in the WZO.  Every four years the WZO hosts the World Zionist Congress.  The UK hold 18 seats at the WZC and Pro-Zion fight elections every four years to get as many seats for the Arzenu delegation.